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Hey, I'm Nina

The Chaotic Mum

Helping Busy Mums like you be more productive, get more organised and embrace the imperfectly chaotic moments in motherhood.  So you can start being present for those 

precious memories that go by too fast.

Are you done being controlled by the chaos of motherhood?

I know just what its like to be stuck in overwhelm. Not knowing which way to turn first. 

I help mums like you, with so much in your day-to-day, stressed with over full schedules, feeling all the mum guilt yet ready to pack a bag and check in to the mummy version of love island*.

*Disclaimer - Never watched it - Not interested in the drama of it!


Before we continue I feel I need to tell you that while I'm all for cutting the overwhelm & stress in motherhood

I'm also here to help you,

"Embrace those imperfectly chaotic moments as I believe that is where the best memories are born!"


I have created a range of live & go at your own pace programs to help you live the life you are supposed to live,

Free from the overwhelm.

Free from the mum guilt.

Free from that constant strive for perfection. 

My programs all use or are part of my unique CHAOS method, & have elements of the Wabi-Sabi Way of life. To give you everything you need to get out of that overwhelming chaos time after time, create a home full of happy memories & able to enjoy those family adventures with more fulfilment.

Because life always throws us curveballs. Moments of chaos will come and go but it's how well you react to them that matters. 


I strived for our family to live a more simple life for ages, it wasn't until I took a moment to look around to realise I was already there!
It was just not that insta version of it it was my version
of simple 
"The Wabi-Sabi way of life"


I went from being overwhelmed as a new mum to feeling content in my motherhood as a mum of twins twice! 

As a family, my husband Chris worked away A LOT, we were in debt and constantly missing bill deadlines, late for birthdays, meetings and well everything. I was overwhelmed trying to "do it all like you see on youtube" 

Then I had the mother of all breakdowns on Christmas day 2014! 

In my mother in laws bathroom non the less!

I knew then things had to change.......

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