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Nina has spoken at events, been featured in printed press and had articles published for different websites and blogs.

Chat Magazine

Daily Mail


Retford Times

Yorkshire Post

I Newspaper

Past Speaking events

Bee Inspired

The perks of Imperfection

What if I told you that striving for that vision of perfect you have in your head is actually harming your ability to move forward.

That actually embracing a

"Wabi-Sabi way of life could actually make you show up more authentically and more relatable

Bee Inspired

Maven Connex


Having been on the bloggers circuit since 2009 it was a real honour to speak at one of the friendliest blogging events. 

Often when we have been blogging for a long time or are just starting out striving to hit the big numbers, & make the big bucks we forget our why.

Remembering the Why looked at what fires that passion for writing once again.


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