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Bee Inspired 

Bees Don't Care what humans think is impossible Bee's "FLY ANYWAY"

30th September & 1st October 2021 

Bee Inspired is the 2 day event that is like no other. 

Two days either watching at home or actually in the room with the energetic atmosphere. 

These two days will give you the motivation and and inspiration to start living that life you have always wanted to. 

This is more than a business event.

Bee Inspired is jam packed full of talks for your personal development too. 

Where Business Development, Entertainment, life skills and spirituality all come together to help you take those actions to put your life on the right trajectory. 

2 days of edutainment Live  in Manchester. 
Delivered to you By trained professional speakers 

This will be at the stunning professional event space Impossible Manchester 
30th September & 1st October. 

What topics will be covered?

  Passive Income & Abundance


 Spiritual Therapy

The Power of Imagination


 Leadership & Power


Style and Body Confidence


  Overcoming Grief


 Less Hustle, More Success


  Daring to be different


 Breaking Habits


 Rethinking Gender

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