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Calm In the CHAOS
FREE Masterclass

With Nina A Spencer
The Chaotic Mum

Live MasterClass giving you the tools to get started on your journey to embracing the imperfectly chaotic moments in life.

This is for you If,

  • You are frozen in overwhelm. 

  • Know there is something more but you just have so much going on you can't get clear in your head.

  • You feel like the CHAOS of motherhood is too much 

  • You want to Get SH*T done in your days 

  • You want to be present for your kids more than your laundry pile

  • You are ready for daily adventures and sick of daily chores 


In this live 90 min session you will take away practical tools and strategies to make a real difference you your #mumlife  

#Mumlife doesn't have to be overwhelming chaos that leaves you ready for wine at 10am and ready for bed by 5pm  

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