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Why DôTerra?

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I had been searching for a natural essential oil for cleaning for ages. 

I have always hated the idea of using bleach and harsh chemicals for cleaning as I believe that they actually do more harm than good. 

In 2018 after a couple of years of infertility I completely banned bleach from our home hoping that this would be the one thing I could do to help my fertility. Another 3 years on finally I was pregnant with our first set of twins. 

Now the banning of the bleach wasn't the one thing that that helped the fertility but I still maintained that feeling that chemicals like bleach are not great for our bodies. 

Now having gone through several dips and peaks throughout the past few years and learning about how to be better versions of ourselves I now know that what we put in our bodies and the things that contact our skin have huge impacts on our health. 

The pandemic in 2020 only highlighted this to me even more. 

Researching I realised that the more natural ways we can find to live the more healthy we are and the better we fight off viruses like covid and flu and even cancer. 

So armed with all of these beliefs and information I went off to Bee Inspired and listened to one of the talks where someone told the room all of the things that I already knew. 

She actually validated me even more. 

She is a Doterra wellness advocate SO i sought more information. 

I was also looking for supplements to help me through the winter months where my Seasonal affective disorder creeps in. 

So now Im armed with supplements and essential oils and essential oils not just for cleaning but to use for various different ailments from anxiety to nettle stings, to the kinds "growing pains" to chesty coughs! 

So Hello from me your imperfectly essential wellness advocate

Nina A Spencer 

If you would like more information about any of these life changing products please email me 

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