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Intentionally Imperfect Home

Is your house so unloved, so overwhelming you just don't know where to start?

Do you long for a cosy home but cant seem to keep on top of all the chores?

Have you bought into every Challenge, every declutter program, every cleaning regime but still your revert back to default?

It's time to do things differently! 

"If you always do what you always did You will always get what you got!"

Albert Einstein

But why is this different to all the other programs I have already done?

Because we will work together to build habits and approaches bespoke to your life, your circumstances, the season you are in!   

There is so much of my house I'm overwhelmed with and I dont know where to start

You are in the best place. We will work through the different areas of your home at a pace that suits you. Unpicking those sticking spots that overwhelm you so you can make changes bit by bit

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Meet Nina 

Hey I'm Nina 

For years I struggled to get everything on my never ending to do list done! 

I would get overwhelmed seeing others "do it all in a day" 

I would feel like I was failing as a mum to my 4 children, failing as a house owner because I just couldn't keep up! 

I would get paralysed by the sheer amount of things that needed doing so I just wouldn't do any of them.

Does this sound familiar?

We will work together live for 8 weeks

You will also have access to a one to one with me and a monthly zoom for 11 months afterwards 

WEEK ONE -1st February

Its time to get your mind in place your heart ready for action. 

and vision what life could be like at the end of the program. 

Week Two - 8th Feb

Working on what we need to do each day to run our home & the non negotiables.

Feb 15th We are taking a week off for half term

Week Three - 22nd Feb

Home Audit & learn about the swat Grid. 

Week Four - 1st March

Creating a plan & Taking messy action

Week Five - 8th March

What does your day look like now?

What tweaks can we make

Week Six -15th March

Creating your ideal imperfect day​

Week Seven -22nd March

Adding habits to your days 

Week Eight -29th March

Take action, let go of clutter and create that home you love​

Don't worry if you cant attend the live online trainings as there will be time to catch up and ask questions in the group or via email or whats app.

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