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Bee Inspired is a huge event that can take a-lot from your Teapot of well being both during and after the event. 

As Business owners, entrepreneurs and/ or parents we often put self - care last! 

Thats why as a part of signing up through me to be in the next bee inspired cohort I am giving you a free self care and wellbeing program worth £250

Being in that Bee Inspired cohort last time has changed my life. 

  • But its not just about the incredible support that Dani gives you.

  • Its not just about the skills and knowledge she gives you throughout those six months.

  • Its Not just about the assets you get afterwards Like professional photographs, speaker reels, and a structured talk you can then go and take to any stage and even get paid for it.

  • Its not just about the confidence that you will gain.

  • Its even not just about the the message you will deliver to those listening.

  • Its all of it put together 

  • Its the connections you make during the process

  • Its the friendships you make along the way

  • Its that new place you find yourself in after the event. 


Are you going to to be one of the ones on that stage in March 2022?

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