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6 Steps to Motherhood Self-Care

I'm always talking about self-care. But that is because I', so bloody passionate about it. It is the base layer of everything you do. That is why I have created these 6 steps to motherhood self-care just for you!

As a busy mum self-care is often the last thing on our mind. We rush around taking care of our little ones, the house, working a job, or running our own business.

This 6 steps to self-care might make you start putting you first.

But did you know by putting everyone else's needs above your own means you are probably heading towards burnout, which could have a detrimental effect on your health and relationships?

Burnout comes from trying to do all the things consistently and not taking the time to top up your Self-care teapot in between.

When we start working on proper Self Care we are making sure we are at our best to take care of others around.

You will have more energy & more patience to deal with those day to day occurrences, Even major events can be dealt with much more resilience.

6 Steps to Motherhood Self Care


Get Help - Firstly, If you are struggling the single most beneficial thing you can do for self-care is ask for help!

Asking for help doesn't mean you have failed. Whether it is. Help to watch the kids while you take a bath, help from the Dr because you are struggling with your health or help from a coach or mentor to help you get unstuck. Asking for help when you are struggling with any aspect of life is a true act of self-care.


Sleep - How many times do we hear this? Yet we still fail to give ourselves the right amount of good quality sleep. We take our phones to bed, hype ourselves up before we try falling asleep, and don't do anything in our days to promote the melatonin that we need for a good night of sleep.

So take a look at your day, and your bedtime routine and see how you can change up your routines to promote a good night of sleep.


Heart filling - This is where you can add things like the bubble baths, the cuppas with friends, the dips in the hot tub, or whatever fills your teapot, fills your heart.


Daily movement - Being active though-out our day is super important to keep healthy. Even if we only add in micro-moments of movement. Squats while the kettle boils, dancing around the kitchen while tidying or cooking, a walk while we have that cuppa with friends. what movement could you add to your day?


Good Food - Nourishing our body with good quality organic clean food is such a good way to maintain or repair our health. When we add in all the fruits and veggies to our days it helps us get the right vitamins and minerals we need.


Kindness - To ourselves, to each other, to the world we live in. Being kind takes very little effort but the reward to our self-care toolbox are huge. Ways to be kind to ourselves can be adding in the above, or looking in the mirror and telling ourselves what we love about us! Kindness to others, can be small random acts of kindness or helping someone when they need you. It could even be volunteering in the community.

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These are your six steps to self-care. If you would like to get more from your self-care practice. Really go deep into what is going to help you boost your teapot, and help build your wellbeing toolbox. and find out what things can really support your mind and body Let's Get Self(ish) is the program for you.

Let's Get Self(ish) is a self-led program with support from a dedicated Facebook group if you need it.

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