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An Imperfectly Perfect Festive Season

Christmas can bring out the stress in even the most placid of people if your not careful. Thats why I believe it’s important to embrace imperfect and simplify run up to Christmas.

Striving for Perfect

Filling days with lots of activities, buying loads of gifts that are unneeded or unappreciated. Going overboard on the Christmas dinner menu and not practicing any form of self care Striving for that perfect Christmas you see on the adverts or on Instagram. it can take its toll on us main care givers then it has an impact on the whole family.

Coffee cup in front of a Christmas tree with lights

But How?

How do we embrace imperfect this Christmas?

  • Create a Plan – This for me is most important. I have to have a plan for the whole of December if not I feel overwhelmed or double book things in already busy schedule.

  • Say No – You really don’t need to accept every invitation and if your schedule is already full say no!

  • Cut down – There is no point getting into debt to pay for Christmas if you cant afford it dont buy it! The kids may moan that they didn’t get some thing yes I’m not going to lie and say they wont care because if they are anything like mine they will. This year however I am focusing on a couple of main gifts and a few little gifts If they moan they dont have much they will just have to moan. I’m not getting into any more debt or cluttering up my home for fear my kids will be disappointed! That good old rule of “Something you want, Something You Need, Something to wear, Something to read,” Is a good thing to stick to!

  • Take some me Time – During the chaotic times take a moment to breath and relax, Paint your nails, go for a coffee, a walk in the park, even a bath when the kids are in bed.

  • Suplements – Stress can be exaggerated if those key nutrients are lacking in your body. I take a rage of supplements from DôTerra that are designed to support your body for life.

  • Don’t attempt new recipes on the day of your big meal or party. If you really want to try something new why not have a trial run before your big day? However dont go overboard with your menu. Its better to spend time eating with your family not stressing that you dinner isn’t going to plan.

  • Create a Menu – Dont just wing Chritmas lunch create a menu for yourself with timings of cooking and preparing on it Above I said dont go over the top but If your like me I love to entertain and I have 15 for dinner so I really do need to plan my menu in advance!

  • Dont turn to Alcohol – There is nothing worse than trying to entertain the in-laws (or worse your husbands ex wife. Yes I have my step sons mum for dinner this year – Long story but we do get on) than trying to entertain them with a hangover. or getting so drunk you end up arguing. So sure enjoy a tipple or two but dont go overboard.

  • Get some air – Ive mentioned getting some me time but getting out in the fresh air is also a good way to take 5. Even if its as a family, Just wrap them up warm and take them for a walk. pick up some fresh veg or head to the woods. just get some air.

I hope this helps you feel a little more excited for the festive season and supports you in making this christmas Imperfectly Perfect!

now grab a Baileys coffee and get planning.

Nina x

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