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Embrace The Chaos

Hey there,

We are given our tiny humans in the hospital Or at home if we had them at home and told nothing about what to do next.

Actually though we are told, society tells us, our parents tell us, the world and his wife are an expert.

We are given so many conflicting nuggets of advice sometimes those nuggets are golden sometimes they are just nuggets of s**t!

Yup! I said it! When we are sleep deprived, stressed, delirious and recovering we are supposed to decipher these nuggets and do the best for our humans right?

I had so many overwhelming nuggets and i ended up having the mother of all breakdowns in my mother in laws bathroom one Christmas day! Ya see having a child is chaotic its imperfect and chaotic and often confusing.

But you can bring calm and order to the chaos if you embrace it!


noun -

A state of total confusion with no order

I'm now happy to embrace the imperfectly chaotic moments of motherhood, of life in-fact!

I believe its in these moments that the best memories are born!

When I was 5 my nan slipped in the bath, this is probably my earliest memory! She slipped in the bath and couldn't get out, i tried to help, she laughed, I laughed, it was imperfect, chaotic and yet it was my earliest memory. A good one at that!

Life has thrown me much chaos since that point and not all my memories of chaos are good ones but some of them are!

But if we embrace the chaos, if we truly own it thats when magic starts happening.

How Do I embrace the Chaos.

  1. Calm - Carving out moments of calm in our days is super important. It diffuses some of the stress and keeps us going through the chaos

  2. Habits - Micro habits that support our motherhood load are super important.

  3. Acceptance, Accepting life as it is, and accepting chaotic moments help us embrace them. They say when life gives you lemons make a gin a tonic. Own that moment.

  4. Optimism - Having a sunny outlook on life will help you create a flip to the chaos, for exampl,e if you spill the milk at breakfast & the dog licks it up your flip could be being grateful you have a dog to lick it up. make your own examples as a practice

  5. Support - Oh My God! I can't tell you how important this is! Having a community around you is crucial. Like-minded individuals to hold you up, to keep you going, to lift you up, to hold hands with!

I hope this has helped you start embracing the CHAOS too.

If you would like to join the tribe of other mums that are embracing the chaos & calming the chaos come and join us in the chaotic Motherhood tribe.

It would be great to see you there!

Until Next Time Sweet x

Nina xx


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