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Making summer memorable as a family.

“The sun is shining, I’ve slapped on the sun cream sprayed sun in in my hair and I’m heading out on my bike with a picnic in my rucksack and I’m meeting my friends on the way. I’ll be back at tea time where I’ll be having sausage egg & chips probably for the third time this week.“

Ahh those simple days of summer memories.

Remember when the world and our lives felt fuller yet we had less and did less?

Simple right?

But society now a days would have you believe that if you are not busy, not jetting off somewhere fancy (not that that’s happening this year for most of us) if your days are not full of activity then we aren’t doing it right.

But what if being so busy, is actually making our summer go by with regret & stress.

What if our schedules are so full that we get no down time and just end up getting to the start of the new school year in burnout mode.

In September this year my littlest twins are heading to full time school for the first time.

When my biggest twins were their age I’d missed so so much thanks to being so overwhelmed with life.

Yes. I have two sets of twins so I know all about overwhelm.

But now I don’t let overwhelm be an excuse in my life and I don’t want it to be an excuse for you not having the best summer possible for your family.

That’s why I’ve created The Summer Groove Launchpad.

5 Days of activities to get you ready for the summer Holidays.

We will work through how to make your summer this year memorable.

This is a free event within the Mums in the groove community. Mums in the groove has been set up by me to have open conversations around motherhood and mum life. A community that are ditching the mum guilt and creating their own groove in life.

Let’s stop society saying that just because you are a mum you should be busy all the time and never have time for yourself.

So my lovely friend (if you’ve read this far I consider us friends now!)

Are you ready to make this summer the best it can be for your family?

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