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Top 10 Indoor activities to do with the kids.

It’s raining outside, you are sick of soggy socks, dripping raincoats & frizzy wet hair so just how do you calm the chaos, quieten the noise, banish that overwhelm?

i know what you mean. there is only so long you can keep up the mantra

There is no bad weather only inappropriate clothing”

Then what can you do with those kids that seem to be energised by bad weather?

Here are my top 10 indoor activities to keep you and them amused.

Top 10 Indoor Activities

  1. Baking - I know, I know. Baking can be such a chore with the kids sometimes but if you keep a couple of those ready made up boxes in your cupboard they are a game changer. get the bigger kids to read out the instructions- the little kids can help stir. My Tips for making this less stressful are to clean as you go. let them take turns storing ingredients, and just relax, the process of baking is much more important than what the end product is like.

  2. Christmas day - Stay with me. I’ve been known to out up a big screen in our living room, string up some fairy lights, grab a few Christmas mugs from the loft and make hot chocolate, then you can sit and watch Christmas movies Talk about what You would all like Christmas to be like later in the year. look back over old Christmas photos. Even make Christmas crafts and Christmas activities twinkl is a great site for work sheets.

  3. Chuck them in the bath! - Ok this is more water, but it’s less washing! Kids love water well mine do. I have a couple who would be outside in the rain all of the time. A different option is to throw them in the bath. Let them play, let them pour, bigger kids could read?

  4. Make indoor forts & dens - Grab some blankets, drape them over tables, we actually have a couple of small kids tents that we put up to let them create cosy nooks in their rooms sometimes.

  5. Vision Boards - Older Children should be able to understand the idea of creating a visionboard adding in things they would love the next half year, year, etc to look like. Younger children will just love practicing cutting and sticking skills with pictures they love.

  6. Screens. - Im giving you permission to utilise screen time. Although long term we know screens are not great for our Littlest now and again giving them a couple Of hours screen time is ok. what can you get done while they are watching paw patrol, or minecraft on repeat? Will you take the Time to get a couple of chores done uninterrupted or will you sit with a brew and use the time to get stuck into a new book?

  7. If you need something extra you could try a soft play centre where you can grab a cuppa while they play.

  8. Similar to this a cinema date always goes down well with our kids.

  9. Movie day - get together create cinema tickets, popcorn boxes, you could create a ticket booth, and snack platters.

  10. Game day. Clear the dinner table of clothes waiting to be folded and put away. (I see you!) Raid your games drawer grab some snacks and get playing. - little ones may not get the rules but if you tell bigger kids to help you out by letting the little kids think they are winning it makes for a much better game play. Fir instance, you could play uno give littler kids a few cards, encour them to take turns but if they get bored and want to win let them think they have. Tell the others that you can play properly when smaller ones are in bed, or distracted with other toys.

I would much rather get outside than try to diffuse emotions building inside. However some days finding things to do cozy indoors is called for.

I hope you find something here to keep your family amused on rainy days.

Nina x

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