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When adversity leads to your best life

When I was younger I always wanted to be a graphic designer, work in the city and be super busy with it. Having been a wife to that life for the past 15 years I can truly say I am so glad I didn't take that path. Through years of Mental Health dips and finally a life threatening illness I realised my mission is to help others.

Creativity was my life as a child

I’ve always loved being creative. As a child I would sit in my room for hours drawing and making. When I was 11 my mum became ill with her mental health and my creativity was lost.

I lost myself as a teen and couldn’t pin myself to anything. No career yet never out of work I put 110% into every job I did even though I knew they weren’t quite the right job for me. I tried to find something that ignited my passion whatever that may be.

Dream Job

In my late teens and early 20's I started working as part of an entertainment team. Finally something I could feel passion about. A creative outlet. Most of my time was spent designing and operating lighting for shows and creating promotional material for the show bar. Occasionally I would end up being a great big pink and yellow Cow (costume character) even then I still loved this job!. After a few summers doing that and a few winters working at my local theatre I then met my now husband and everything changed.

A change of circumstance

I started working for his dad who ran a company making garden railway buildings out of concrete. Again something creative to get my teeth into. After a while he became ill and I took over his business.

I set up a website and worked on marketing the business. The website really got our business out there. It was the best way to get our products seen. They were not something that people come off the street to buy. So not only was I being creative by making and decorating these buildings I was now getting to be digitally creative with our store front. I marketed our products to our consumers and other retailers.

Then my own mental health took a dip after I failed to get pregnant time after time.

Blogs Away

The infertility and depression led to bouts of insomnia. I ended up starting a blog on those long lonely nights when I couldn't sleep. I ran the blog on and off through my mental health dips.

I found this online community that we’re going through similar experiences to me. It helps knowing you are not alone.

Then after some fertility treatment my first set of twins arrived.

I was still blogging. But the blogging then became so much more. That passion returned. I started feeling more and more creative. I got a few paid opportunities and felt like I had finally found that career for me.

Constantly Learning

Since then I’ve attended many workshops & taken lots of training I'm still constantly learning trying to keep up to date with the latest ways to be creative. I've Chatted with like minded individuals from all over the globe. And really got fire in my belly. I absolutely love the online life. The thrill of creating something for the world to see! Yet still i needed something a little bit more.

Staring At Death

In 2017 I was pregnant with my second set of twins and found I had a rare but life threatening pregnancy complication. A 6 hour operation 11 units of blood, sepsis, a twisted bowl and a second operation later I made it through. Thankfully as I went through the most terrifying time I had a wonderful online community of friends supporting me through. I found ladies online who had gone through the similar and found it helped to know I wasn’t alone.

Time to take life and career by the horns

At that point, coming through something as scary as staring at death I knew I needed to really take life and my work by the horns. Find out what that little bit more really was!

I had already found my passion for sharing my story to help others through tough times. Now it's time to share so much more.

I want to live the best life I possibly can. ignite new passions, feed that fire in my belly.

I truly want to help others to do the same.

I want to share my knowledge, my skills & my passion to help others get their own business out there. I know what a difference getting online can make.

I have been stuck at points in my life and forgotten the why from time to time.

But I truly believe in what a difference the online world can have.

There is room enough for everyone online if you use the right tools.

I have the tool box and want to give as many people as I can a key.

Nina x

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